Orthopedic Specialists and Surgeons Tonganoxie, KS

orthopaedic-specialist-tonganoxieIf you live in Tonganoxie, KS and need an orthopedic doctor, DFP Orthopaedic Surgery is ready to serve you. At DFP, our doctors can provide any kind of orthopedic care you might need.

From basic sprains and breaks to total joint reconstruction our team of orthopedic physicians has the expertise to do it all. The doctors at DFP specialize in sports medicine, trauma and fractures, and joint replacement and reconstruction. We have orthopedic doctors who specialize in specific areas including:

  • Arm & Elbow Specialists Tonganoxie
  • Back & Spine Specialists Tonganoxie
  • Foot & Ankle Specialists Tonganoxie
  • Hand & Wrist Specialists Tonganoxie
  • Hip & Pelvis Specialists Tonganoxie
  • Knee & Leg Specialists Tonganoxie
  • Shoulder Specialists Tonganoxie

No matter what kind of orthopedic care you need, the DFP team of orthopedic specialists and surgeons brings advanced, thorough knowledge and expertise for optimal orthopedic patient care in Tonganoxie.

Sports Injury Specialists for Tonganoxie

Where there are sports, there are injuries and many of those injuries require orthopedic care. Sprains, torn ligaments and muscles and bone fractures are part of almost all competitive sports. When you suffer a sports injury, let the orthopedic specialists at DFP get you back in the game. From rotator cuffs to ACL injuries, we have the best orthopedic doctors  around to diagnose and repair sports injuries.

Our Patient Portal Makes Orthopedic Care Easy

At DFP Orthopaedic Surgery, we believe healthcare should be as easy and convenient as possible for our Tonganoxie patients. That’s why we not only offer the best orthopedic doctors, but the latest way to manage your orthopedic care as well. Our patient portal puts you in charge and lets you access and manage your healthcare online from the convenience of any computer. You can view your medical records, send a message to your doctor’s assistant, schedule appointments, complete pre-visit medical history questionnaires, view your statement, and even make payments. With this secure online portal, your medical information is private, safe, and accessible to you.

Count on DFP Orthopaedic Surgery to be there for Tonganoxie patients with the best orthopedic specialists, orthopedic surgeons and orthopedic care.