Dear Dr. Jeffrey Krempec,

On July 16th, you performed surgery on my left knee providing me with a partial knee replacement. Prior to the surgery, you told me I didn't need a full knee replacement and that I was a candidate for a partial. You also told me, at the time, that you would have me up and running in three months.

Since running has been my lifestyle for the last 35 years and I was told by a previous doctor that I needed a total knee replacement and I wouldn't be able to run again, this was a surprising news, and I got a little emotional.

Two months and 10 days after surgery, I rode my bike 88 miles on the KATY Trail with some of my biking and running buddies. The knee was never an issue!

Since then I had only been able to walk/jog ten times up until Thanksgiving Day where I entered my first road race in three years. My only goal was to complete the 5k (3.1 miles) without having to walk. I also created a secondary goal of completing the race in the 33-minute range holding on to, what I hope, an 11-minute mile pace. Up until the race, I had been jogging (I hate that term) at a 13:00 to 16:00 minute mile pace, but occasionally got down into the 11:00 range for short periods of time.

At any rate, the gun went off and 5,000 participants took of on Thanksgiving Day. I actually selected the Thanksgiving Day race due to being sincerely thankful to you for the opportunity to get my lifestyle back. Well, when I crossed the finish line, I not only didn't have to walk, I finished the race at a 9:59 mile pace. On top of what I found out a few days later than I took 3rd place in my age group (male 70-74) and will receive an award! Note: There were only 16 in my age group.

Thanks, so much, again, Dr. Krempec for giving me back my lifestyle and the opportunity to join my biking and running buddies for future adventures.
Dr. Michael Thompson,

I’m writing on behalf of a family member you performed surgery on to thank you for your kind treatment in repair to their knee. You now have a family of eight praying for you five times a day.

It has been my experience that those who donate their time and talent to help others appreciate knowing a little something about those they assist. So, I will give you a brief history of their story.

They are from Somalia. The father was the star of their international basketball team for ten years and then the coach for ten years. He played all over Europe, Asia, the Middle East and appeared in two Olympic Games. He was treated as a national hero, paid as a general in the army with a home on the beach, cars, a chauffeur, etc. He was non-political, but as a friend of the president, found himself on the wrong side when the civil broke out about twenty-five years ago. The family fled to a refugee camp in Kenya where they remained for about ten years. They were in constant danger there and they finally went to the United Nations to apply for refugee status after their house was set on fire.

They arrived in Kansas City almost four years ago. They were provided with low cost housing, food stamps, and Medicaid for six months. The adults spoke no English, the six children spoke little English and the family had no marketable skills in a bad job market. They had no idea where they were or how to function. They were left with me, an eighty year old volunteer with no mentor training and together we have worked through the bureaucratic snafus. The kids were taken out of public schools and put into charter schools, I obtained Pell grants for a few of them and found menial jobs for the parents and two older children. Predictably, health problems made the father unable to work. Generally, it has been two steps forward and one step back for four years. Their future relies on the kids getting educated and finding productive work.

I can’t imagine going form such a position of prominence to where they are today. Somehow they remain positive, thankful, and overall very sweet people. You have provided benefits for this family well beyond the knee repair and I assure you they will be forever grateful. I include my thanks for the loan of your time and skills.
Dr. Michael Thompson,

Thank you for everything you’ve done. I can’t thank you enough! You’ve shown compassion, sincerity and you have brought me back from a bad place. You’re a great man, a great doctor, and a great surgeon…and overall awesome! I have a great deal of respect for you and always will. Thanks!
Dr. Michael Thompson,

Happy Holidays! I just wanted to say thank you for your care when you reconstructed my ACL earlier this year! You’re awesome! Thanks again!
I had a shoulder arthroscopic procedure with Dr. Thompson. I was very impressed with Dr. Thompson and his skill and care during my surgery. He did a wonderful job. He explained in detail what he would do. I am very pleased and can't say enough good things about Dr. Thompson and my experience. I am so excited to have found Dr. Thompson and his expertise. I had a great experience! Thank you!