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Dr. Satterlee Elected to American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons Association

July 8th, 2015 by

C. Craig Satterlee, MD was elected as treasurer/secretary of the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons (ASES) association according to the July issue of Physician Connections, North Kansas City Hospital’s newsletter. Dr. Satterlee is one of only two orthopedic surgeons in the Kansas City area to be a part of ASES. The ASES includes 420 members worldwide and supports the ethical practice of evidence-based, high-quality, cost-effective, shoulder and elbow care.

With Dr. Satterlee’s three-year term as treasurer/secretary he will be overseeing financial contributions, managing resources for fundraising on education and research, as well as moving membership towards inclusivity.

Read more of the article from the North Kansas City Hospital here.

DFP Now Offers Orthopaedic Care in Kansas City, Kansas

July 7th, 2014 by

Orthopaedic Sign Photo

DFP Orthopaedics is happy to announce the opening of a new location to better serve our patients in Kansas City, Kansas and surrounding communities. We are now providing orthopedic care at 2040 Hutton Road near the Legends shopping area in the Heartland Primary Care Medical Building. Now our patients in Kansas City, KS and nearby areas including Basehor, Bonner Springs, Edwardsville, Lansing, Leavenworth, and Tonganoxie will have easy access to an orthopedic doctor. We noticed that Wyandotte County, KS currently has a shortage of orthopedic specialists and we are pleased to able to provide this new location for Kansas patients. We hope this makes getting orthopedic care more convenient for our patients and soon-to-be patients in the area.

DFP Provides the Best in Orthopaedic Care

At Drisko, Fee & Parkins, we take great pride in being the second oldest orthopaedic group in Kansas City. Our nationally recognized orthopaedic surgeons (who are Fellowship Trained in their sub-specialty) have been providing orthopedic care to patients in and around the Kansas City area since 1949. From bone fractures to joint reconstruction to total joint replacement, our orthopaedic surgeons are the best in the region. We have doctors who specialize in:

  • Arm & Elbow
  • Back & Spine
  • Foot & Ankle
  • Hand & Wrist
  • Hip & Pelvis
  • Knee & Leg
  • Shoulder
  • Sports Medicine
  • Total Joint Reconstruction
  • Workers Compensation
  • Trauma & Fractures

Fractures & Joint Pain Specialists

Our goal is to help you recover from your accidents, injuries, and orthopedic conditions as quickly as possible and get you back to your normal life. If you experience any kind of joint pain, have broken a bone, or have suffered an orthopedic injury, don’t suffer a minute longer. Visit us at our Kansas City, Kansas office where a skilled physician can start you on the road to recovery.

Our Patient Portal Makes Your Orthopaedic Care Easy and Convenient

Not only do we provide state-of-the-art healthcare, we also provide excellent personal care as well. We want to make your orthopaedic care as convenient and easy as possible. That’s why we offer a patient portal that allows you to access important medical information on the Internet. This secure and private portal lets you communicate with your doctor, schedule appointments, view medical records, your account statement, and even make payments all from your home or any computer with Internet access.

Remember, the new DFP satellite office is easy to find just off of I-435 and Parallel Parkway on Hutton Road in the Heartland Primary Care Medical Building.

Surgeon’s Skill Mends Shattered Lives

October 29th, 2012 by

Trauma Surgeon Christopher Wise, MD, sees the worst of what happens to people after a car accident, a fall or other catastrophic emergency. He’s the surgeon who mends a pelvic fracture or puts back the broken pieces of a fractured joint.

Unlike other surgeons, Dr. Wise is often called to emergency situations where he doesn’t have the luxury of time to optimize someone’s health before surgery. “What I see is not a planned situation so we go with what we are presented,” he explains.

Not all of Dr. Wise’s patients come through the emergency department. He also frequently receives referrals from other orthopedic surgeons with patients whose injuries never healed, became infected or whose injury was beyond the capabilities of a general orthopedic surgeon.

Dr. Wise is one of only eight surgeons in the metro area with the expertise to do such delicate surgery as a fellowship-trained trauma surgeon. “Orthopedic trauma surgery is a difficult field that involves working with very sick people with very complex injuries,” he says. “It’s not a 9 to 5 job, but I find it very rewarding.”

As a Level II trauma center and some of Kansas City’s busiest emergency departments, it’s essential for North Kansas City Hospital and Centerpoint Medical Center to offer the services of someone like Dr. Wise so patients can receive lifesaving care without being transferred.

In his fiveyears as a trauma surgeon, Dr. Wise says X-ray technology has evolved to allow surgeons to do more minimally invasive surgeries with less risk and a quicker recovery for the patient. “X-ray guidance is helping us do some surgeries now with smaller incisions and less impact to surrounding tissue and muscle,” says Dr. Wise, who sees patients at the office of Drisko, Fee and Parkins.

Another advanced area is for patients facing an amputation. Dr. Wise credits literature and research for giving surgeons valid data to help them decide which patients are most appropriate for an amputation and which are candidates for surgery to try and save their injured limb. “It used to be when someone came in with a badly mangled leg with no feeling we thought amputation was best. Now, we have a better understanding with sound data to help us make better judgments.”

Basketball Injury Prevention

October 16th, 2012 by

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 501,000 basketball-related injuries were treated in hospital emergency rooms in 2009.

The fast-paced action of basketball can cause a wide range of injuries, most often to the foot, ankle, and knee. Sprained ankles and knee ligament tears are common. Basketball players are also at risk for jammed fingers and stress fractures in the foot and lower leg.

Several strategies can help to prevent basketball injuries — from careful inspection of the play area to using proper passing techniques.

For Sports Medicine Doctors in Kansas City, call DFP to schedule an appointment today!