MRI Services

Drisko Fee & Parkins now offers in-office MRI services at both of our locations.

Extremity MRI is available on an appointment basis for authorized patients either through participating personal insurance or worker’s compensation carriers.

Image quality is essential in getting good results. All MRIs are over-read by a musculoskeletal radiologist to ensure continued quality.

Significant savings and convienience are achieved by scheduling your MRI at Drisko Fee & Parkins.

What is an Extremity MRI?

Our system is optimized to image the extremity. Our MRI system can scan the Knee, Ankle, Elbow, Forearm, Shoulder, Leg, Foot, Wrist & Hand with ease and efficiency.

The patient is located comfortably outside the magnet during the examination with the extremity extended into the system for imaging.

Image quality and imaging times compare very favorably with the same studies performed on the whole-body imagers. Furthermore, patients are not subject to the claustrophobic reactions common to whole body imagers, since they remain outside the magnet at all times.

Advantages of our MRI System

Improved patient management: Our in-office MRI allows your surgeon to maintain control of patient care through the entire diagnostic process, letting them decide on site how to scan the patient.

Increased Patient Convenience

Performing your MRI in our office means you are not subject to the time loss, frustration and expense of traveling to an outside imaging center. Instead we are able to speed up the diagnostic and therapy process which means significant cost savings for both you and your insurer. Patients also appreciate the claustrophobic-free design of our extremity MRI.

Better Diagnostic Service

Our in-office MRI can greatly improve our diagnosis by delivering immediate feedback on your pathology. Several studies have concluded MRI is valuable adjunct to a physical examination, especially in cases where more than one lesion is present.