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Board-Certified Kansas City Orthopaedic Doctors & Surgeons

What does it mean to be “Board-Certified” It means that the doctors at Drisko, Fee & Parkins have completed a full training program following medical school, and have taken certification examinations to determine their proficiency in a particular specialty of medicine (like orthopaedic medicine).Generally in the U.S., doctors go to medical school for about 4 years. After medical school, they will then go on for post-graduate training at a hospital.

This is known as an internship/residency. The internship is their first year of training after medical school. After that, many hospitals consider the doctors to be in their residency.  The length of a residency varies from three years to seven years depending on the specialty.

During a doctor’s internship & residency, they are employees of the hospital, and are working under the supervision of an attending senior physician. After the doctor completes their accredited internship / residency, then they go out into the “real world” and start practicing medicine- either in a group practice, a solo practice, or with a hospital.

In many specialties (like orthopaedics), the doctor must complete 2 years of practice (called clinical practice) before becoming eligible to take their board certification exam. A board certification exam is a national exam, given to doctors in a specialty to test their knowledge and experience.

As a patient seeking orthopaedic medicine, you should ask your doctor whether they are board certified, because this establishes that they have the  basic minimum standards that the doctor must meet before being able to say that they are “board certified”.