Orthopedic Specialists and Surgeons Edwardsville, KS

Residents of Edwardsville, Kansas now have readily available, excellent orthopedic care. Our offices, DFP Orthopedic Surgery, have a full staff of orthopedic doctors, specialists, and surgeons to care for your every orthopedic need.

DFP Orthopedics began in 1949 with two orthopedic doctors; we currently have five highly-respected and trained groups of orthopedic physicians, specialists and surgeons. Every orthopedic doctor on our staff is Board Certified, giving our Edwardsville patients peace of mind that they will be receiving only the best of care. Come see us for:

  • Arm & Elbow Specialists Edwardsville
  • Back & Spine Specialists Edwardsville
  • Foot & Ankle Specialists Edwardsville
  • Hand & Wrist Specialists Edwardsville
  • Hip & Pelvis Specialists Edwardsville
  • Knee & Leg Specialists Edwardsville
  • Shoulder Specialists Edwardsville

Get the Best Care with Our Orthopaedic Specialists

orthopaedic-doctor-edwardsville-ksOrthopedics is the medical science and study of all the bones and joints of the body, how they work together, the diseases of the bones and connective tissue, and how to heal and repair those bones and joints, and relieve the pain of arthritis and rheumatism.

Many of our physicians have specialized advanced training in specific areas of the body – hand and wrist, back, neck, and spine, knees and ankles, and hips – so wherever the problem lies, we have someone who has the expertise to give the best care possible to the people of Edwardsville.

Convenient Orthopaedic Care

The offices of DFP Orthopedics offer the people of Edwardsville not only great care but convenience as well. Besides regularly scheduled appointments, we also have a walk-in clinic and urgent care as accidents can happen at any time that require the attention of an orthopedic doctor or specialist. We have also recently added a ‘patient portal’ where patients can log on and communicate with their doctor without having to wait for an appointment.

Don’t Suffer from Arthritis Pain

For the arthritis sufferers of Edwardsville, we have orthopedic specialists who are trained for your special needs in joint pain caused by arthritis. It is a medical fact that women have a higher rate of this painful disease than men, but with advances in medicine there is no need for anyone to suffer from arthritis pain. Our orthopedic physicians can diagnose and treat arthritis pain and get you back to normal.

We’re Ready to Treat Your Sports Injuries

Sports are the cause of many bone and joint injuries. Basketball, football, baseball, track…where there is physical exertion and a competitive spirit, injury is sure to follow. Not to worry, Edwardsville residents, we have a full complement of orthopedic physicians experienced in sports medicine who are ready to repair your injuries and get you back in the game.