Orthopedic Specialists and Surgeons Bonner Springs, KS

orthopaedic-doctor-specialist-bonner-springs-ksAt DFP Orthopaedic Surgery, our orthopedic physicians have specific training that allows them to effectively treat broken bones, osteoporosis, injuries, and congenital conditions.

Our orthopedic specialists and orthopedic surgeons are board certified. They can help Bonner Springs, KS patients with common orthopedic disorders like arthritis, joint pain, and fractures. Any problems that affect bones, joints and musculoskeletal nerves can be treated at DFP Orthopaedics. Our orthopedic doctors treat patients for many specialized orthopedic injuries including extremities (arms and legs), back and spine, wrist and ankles, hips, knees & shoulders.

In addition to directly treating these areas of the body our orthopedic physicians also practice sports medicine, treat workers compensation patients, and resolve trauma-like fractures in addition to performing total joint reconstruction. We offer the following services:

  • Arm & Elbow Specialists Bonner Springs
  • Back & Spine Specialists Bonner Springs
  • Foot & Ankle Specialists Bonner Springs
  • Hand & Wrist Specialists Bonner Springs
  • Hip & Pelvis Specialists Bonner Springs
  • Knee & Leg Specialists Bonner Springs
  • Shoulder Specialists Bonner Springs

24-7 Orthopaedic Care for Bonner Springs Residents

In addition to these conditions, injuries are another common activity that can require orthopedic care. Bonner Springs residents participate in numerous recreational activities. Regardless of patient age, our orthopedic doctors are available Monday through Friday, and appointment requests can be made directly online. For emergency purposes, our physicians are on call 24/7, including holidays.

Don’t Live with Orthopedic Pain

Bonner Springs patients do not have to suffer through common orthopedic pain. A surprising fact, the hand alone has 27 bones, with eight additional in the wrist. Fractures and breaks to these areas are common and most can even be repaired without surgery at all. Whether inability to move a finger or joint pain seems to be the problem, our orthopedic doctors can evaluate and treat these injuries in order to allow them to properly heal and reduce discomfort altogether. Don’t put it off. Let the orthopedic doctors at DFP diagnose and treat your bone and joint problems.

Hip and Pelvis Injury Experts

For adults, suffering a hip fracture is a possibility that becomes more likely as we age. These fractures can be very serious injuries because of the blood vessels and nerves that can cause additional problems. Moreover, disease and a list of syndromes are also responsible for hip related conditions that require an orthopedic doctor like hip dysplasia, osteoporosis and, of course, arthritis. Knowing that an orthopedic specialists can expertly diagnosis, remedy and reduce the probability of these serious injuries is comforting to patients who suffer from these conditions and injuries. If you live in Bonner Springs and suffer from any bone or joint pain, come see the orthopaedic doctors at DFP Orthopaedic Surgery.